2019 in review — L’s and W’s

Before I start, I'd like to say thanks to PraizUX for the nudge to chronicle this wonderful year.

PS - it is lengthy.

Let's get to it.

On Job hunting

Late 2018, saw me leaving a workplace that had me suffering health issues because of distance and toxicity. So, I went back to freelancing even though I didn’t have my 6 months salary saved up.

After I left, I had 2 offers to join other companies but I wasn't ready as I needed to detox myself before infusing myself into another workplace. Beneath all this, I think it was the fear that held me back. Fear of, what if the new place is worse than the old place? What if I can't stand it again?

Owing to this, I turned both offers down and faced freelancing.

2019 saw me freelancing almost all through.

By February or March, I was done healing and ready for another workplace. This was the beginning of the many Ls I had in 2019.

I applied to many companies, got to the interview stage and won’t just get feedback. It was worrisome, as I kept trying and trying but nothing was forthcoming.

Then someone reached out to me that their company wanted a designer and I was excited. I 'got in' without interviewing self, only to get there and it wasn't what I wanted. I turned it down and kept it moving.

Until October that I reached out to a friend that I was job hunting and she shared my LinkedIn with the cool people at Kudy Financials.

Interview was done and went well but I wasn't expecting anything positive. Until I got the email that I got in and the beautiful thing being, it is a fully remote role plus I get to work with the coolest people. *Prayer answered.

On hosting some Design Events

Sometime early in the year, I was in talks with my good friends at The Nest and we decided to do something for new guys in design. A day for Industry guys to share tips and tricks for newbies or those still thinking about starting out.

It was named Switch to Design. 7th of September (which happened to be my birthday) was picked. I worked with amazing people like Ifroluwa Sopeju, Tunji Ogunoye, PraizUX, Nak, Uche Ugo and Emem. These guys did an amazing job on the D-Day and I am so grateful to them.

TGIF Pixels started out of me being bored as a Freelancer. I tweeted I would love to karaoke and Designers like Shyone and Femi responded. Then we fixed a date at The Nest.

Before long, other designers showed interest and we have had subsequent Hangouts and more fun. We had 4th Canvas guys, Ayomidotun Hives, Mudia, Seun Badejo, Ademola AG, my partner Leslie Williams, Yomi, PraizUX, Toptivity, Olori Adetutu, Jeph and many more Designers and Developers.

Did I mention, I now have a Design family called TGIF Pixels? Not only do we hangout and do fun stuff but we talk Career and growth too.

On curating for DesignJobCaster while I was job hunting myself

Nothing like understanding people’s plight while going through the same thing. Owing to the fact that I was job hunting, I understood everything that went into it for job hunters, so my resolve to ensure people who need these jobs are informed about the vacancies.

You can find DJC here

I should drop my pen here, as this is lengthy enough.

At the end of the year, this is me with a BIG smile.

Cheers to 2020, the year I do more amazing things.



Designerd . I design experiences => DebbieBashorun.com

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