20 freelancing tips for Designers

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I totally wrote this from the bottom of my heart 💛 and of course, from my own experience as a Freelancer.

Thanks to Kobrands for inviting me to speak to other Designers on this, recently.

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Let’s do this!

  1. Think of your freelancing as a business i.e you are a business person. Register that business with CAC. There is no rule to when you should register it. You might want to wait till you start making 7 figures (it’s profitable enough) or you might want to start out with it registered.
  2. Have a proposal template, that is handy.
  3. Have multiple streams of income - diversify. You can start building it one by one. As a freelancer, you can consult for Companies too.
  4. Have a QA personnel or system to look over your design before pushing to the Client. As you don’t have the luxury of a team that full time affords, you need to have a set up that ensures that your Clients get the best.
  5. Have a Lawyer handy. This is too important for any and every situation that can be avoided or that will crop up.
  6. Don’t sign contracts until your Lawyer has gone through it and ‘okayed’ for you to do so.
  7. Get a support system for the down times because there will be down times. Times when you don’t have the will to go on or you are recovering from a bad decision.
  8. Network. Build and invest in relationships with people.
  9. If you work from home, go out (not necessarily every day). Interact with life outside your four corners. Spend time with nature. This will inspire you and help with Designers block.
  10. Understand that it takes time, so be patient. This factors from Logo design to time it takes to blow (be the best version of you).
  11. Shoot your shot 'afraid’. You see that opportunity you think you should get but fear is in the way? Don’t miss it. If you are afraid, do it with the fear.
  12. See failure as a beginning and not the end. Get used to failure because in doing this you’d understand how to succeed better.
  13. Have a goal for your freelancing career.
  14. Keep a note for Ideas. Curate ideas, thoughts, sample designs and processes. You can use Pinterest for this too.
  15. Have a Money goal. This can help with motivation to chase some leads you can be lackadaisical about.
  16. Have a schedule, this helps with disciple especially if you are finding it hard in that area. This is so that you finish Clients projects on time and build a good reputation.
  17. It’s okay to say no. When it is wrong or it’s back-breaking with nothing to show for it, say no.
  18. Get an health insurance. With the way you run yourself thin to meet deadlines and produce awesome projects, you need backup for when/if you fall sick. You don’t want to incur the cost of getting treatment
  19. Exercise. Move your body. Join a gym or do it at home, as long as discipline is incorporated into it.
  20. Be empathetic to yourself. Don’t be too hard on yourself. The empathy you show to your Users, show to yourself also.

There are still a lot more tips that hasn’t been mentioned yet. I might just do another part of this.

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